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Neptune 4.0 Release with new homepage

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Neptune 4.0 is released.

Grab this new version from our new Neptune Homepage.

Road to Neptune 4.0: New Design

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For years Neptune featured a simple and easy on the eyes design that has been improved over the years.
With Neptune 4.0 we planned to modernize the design and completely revamp it without loosing the touch of simplicity and easy going.

Introducing the new Neptune 4.0 Design (Work In Progress):
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Neptunes new repository

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Today we pushed an update to our sourceslist package which will activate the debian backports repository.

In preparation for the upcoming 4.0 release (nope we don’t have a a release date yet) we also activated the Debian Backports repository by default which brings in some more up to date software packages (like for example for proprietary graphics drivers)
We encourage everyone to update their graphicsdrivers. Be aware that new legacy drivers for Nvidia and ATI/AMD are available and might be necessary for your card. Check the package descriptions for more detailed information about supported devices.

This new default repository might bring in a few updates. If you don’t want to use it just disable it in apper.

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